What's IONISE?


Under the support of NSFC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Meridian Project, we are currently developing an Ionospheric Observation Network for Irregularity and Scintillation in East/Southeast Asia (IONISE), which mainly includes three chains of GNSS TEC/scintillation receivers (which can track Beidou geostationary satellite signals) along 110°E, 23°N, and 40°N respectively, multi-static portable digital ionosondes (which can be operated to obtain Doppler ionograms with a time interval less than 1 min for vertical and oblique observations), and VHF radars (beam steering and multi-baseline imaging observations). We welcome various forms of cooperation e.g., data sharing/exchange, providing sites for instrument installation.

The scientific objectives of the IONISE are to 1) trace the occurrence and movements of ionospheric irregularities producing GNSS loss-of-lock and scintillations, 2) capture ionospheric disturbances of various scales by natural sources e.g., low atmosphere activity, geomagnetic activity and earthquake, and 3) reveal extremely large gradients of background ionosphere over southern China and adjacent regions.

Recent publications using IONISE database

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